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The Future of the American Dream: Part 2 (EP038)

May 05, 2017

Will we recognize The American Dream of the future? And how do our increasingly diverse notions of America, success, individualism and community impact how The American Dream lives on in the lives of our children and grandchildren?

In part 2 of our interview, Brian David Johnson shares his personal stories of talking to thousands of Americans about The American Dream. They’re important because they bring into sharp focus the way we are collectively looking at our future and the direction we want our society to take. Additionally, Brian shares some thought-provoking perspectives on the role of parents and our school system in fostering imagination and curiosity in our children.

Ben talks about Google’s latest attempts to ensure carefully crafted advertising doesn’t find itself juxtaposed against inappropriate content for his buzz worthy hot topic. And for the latest installment of “What the Heck is That!?!” Greg and Ben share a simple way of understanding DDoS attacks.

In this episode:

Brian David Johnson on Twitter

Google’s plan to root out hateful videos and win back advertisers with artificial intelligence (Mashable)

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