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The Motor City Rocks a Different Kind of Fender – Part I (EP035)

March 23, 2017

We’ve seen the future of music education, and it totally rocks!!

In Episode 035 of The Future STIR, Greg & Ben sit down with Mike Latcha (General Manager & Music Director), Kerry Smith (Assistant General Manager) and Eddie Baranek (Instructor) from School of Rock in Rochester, Michigan.

In Part I of this wide-ranging interview, we learn about the origins of School of Rock’s music education model and why it offers a modern alternative to traditional approaches to teaching music. We also chat about the current state of public music education and why it makes private programs like School of Rock more important to to the future of arts education than ever.

Beyond that, we discuss how Teddy Roosevelt can inspire music students, why Randy Newman sees creating–and finishing–a solid body of work is so important and the powerful role School of Rock plays in shaping kids’ lives in ways far beyond the music.

For their buzz worthy hot topics, Greg highlights the rise of “virtual chilling” by Gen Z via platforms like HouseParty, Fam and Kik and Ben marvels at the way FourSquare has played the long game and turned their locational intelligence into the backbone of so many social platforms.

In this episode:

Musical Interludes: “Gimme Shelter” – Performed by students from School of Rock Rochester Rolling Stones Band, January 2017

Music Education in Public Schools Gets a Passing Grade (NPR)

Music Education in Crisis (NEMC)

School of Rock (Website)

School of Rock Rochester (Facebook)

Rock School Documentary (Wikipedia)

For Generation Z, Live Chilling Replaces Hanging Out in Person (WSJ)

Foursquare is Launching an Analytics Platform to Help Retailers Understand Foot Traffic (TechCrunch)


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