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The Trouble with Trolls (EP032)

February 24, 2017

Will the Internet be destroyed by trolls?

Far from the cute trolls seen recently in theaters, Internet trolling has gone from mild online confrontation to real-life harassment, threats and cruelty. Ben & Greg delve into the history of trolling and chart the evolution (or de-evolution) of trolls and the techniques they use and the ways trolls organize online to weaponize attacks on their targets.

It’s a serious conversation and one that touches on the fields of psychology, sociology, technology, social media and politics, to name a few…and we try to weave this various elements together to paint a picture of the implications of troll culture on our ability to exercise free speech on the web.

And definitely check out the discussion about whether or not the U.S. now has a Troll-In-Chief.

For their buzz worthy topics, Greg talks about a new hotel in Dubai that allows each floor to rotate its view 360 degrees (Ben is skeptical on that one), and Ben talks about a new Nike campaign aimed at empowering and inspiring women in the Middle East.

Links and Articles:

Malwebolence – The World of Web Trolling (New York Times)

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet (TIME)

Why the Trolls Will Always Win (Wired)

The Troll Hunters (MIT Technology Review)

#IAmAWitness Animated Video on Bullying Prevention (Ad Council)

Rotating Dubai Skyscraper Where YOU Decide the View (Daily Mail UK)

Nike Uses Twitter to Promote Women’s Sports in the Middle East (Mashable)


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