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The Future of Intelligence: Part II of our Interview with Lenny Murphy (EP031)

February 17, 2017

Welcome back to our epic interview with Lenny Murphy, Senior Partner of strategic consultancy Gen2 Advisors and Editor-in-Chief of the GreenBook Blog and GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report.

Picking up on the theme of the future of consumer intelligence, Lenny shares his perspectives on what technologies have the greatest disruptive potential from the perspective of society and the consumer intelligence. He also shares his thoughts about the ways in which passive biometric data streams will change the landscape of entertainment and the ways we consume content.

We also talk about the ways in which the ways corporations (and increasingly, consumers) are creating a new vision for creating a virtuous circle of connection between brands and their customers. In so doing, Lenny discusses ways in which this new way of creating and exchanging value will create a new way of thinking about creating a truly reciprocal relationship between corporations and their customers, to the benefit of both.

We also discuss how the shifting technological landscape will alter the landscape of what the consumer insights space will look like in the future…and how small businesses and startups can best capitalize on free and low-cost tools for doing quantitative and qualitative research and harvesting insights using them.

Lenny closes our conversation with some thoughts about the most significant changes that have the potential to create change in the world during 2017.

We couldn’t be happier to have had Lenny join us on The Future STIR, and we hope you’ve enjoyed our conversation with him.

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