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The Future of Intelligence: Part I of Our Interview with Lenny Murphy (EP030)

February 10, 2017

What does the future of consumer intelligence look like? When trying to find compelling answers to that question, Greg & Ben called on our friend and industry colleague, Lenny Murphy to help us explore this subject.

As Senior Partner of strategic consultancy Gen2 Advisors and Editor-in-Chief of the GreenBook Blog and GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, 2 of the most widely read and influential publications in the global insights industry, Lenny has the pulse of corporations, key industry players and start-ups.

In Part I of our conversation, Lenny, Ben & Greg survey the current state of consumer insights and explore some fundamental questions about consumers sharing their insights via traditional research methods versus leveraging social channels to provide feedback to companies, friends and acquaintances. Lenny also shares his perspectives on why we’re increasingly shifting beyond insights into the era of foresights and predictive intelligence.

Listen in to hear a wide-ranging conversation in which Lenny references the prescience of Asimov, his love of sweet tea and why the future lies in the power of harnessing data to simultaneously create insights and real value for consumers.

Stay tuned next week for the conclusion of our interview with Lenny in Episode 031!

For their buzz worthy hot topics, Greg questions whether social platforms are declining in popularity with advertisers and Ben applauds the guerrilla-marketing brilliance of Cards Against Humanity’s brilliant Super Bowl ad spoof.


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