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Future or Faux Pas: CES 2017 Edition (EP027)

January 19, 2017

Welcome back to your latest helping of The Future STIR podcast!

This week, Greg & Ben do a retrospective of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and dig into the winners and losers from this year’s tech extravaganza.

In true Future STIR style, they place these new shiny new objects in the context of broader trends (or lack thereof) that provide a glimpse into their potential success or failure in the marketplace.

Additionally, Greg’s 3 year old daughter makes her Future STIR debut (in the background). 🙂

For his buzz-worthy hot topic, Ben shares the story of  a woman who built a house with herself and her children based on know-how gleaned almost solely from YouTube. Greg adds his take on an article in Zerohedge that shows that America’s trust of the “establishment” has hit new lows.

Articles we reference:

Mom and Kids Build House, One YouTube Tutorial Video at a Time (Huffington Post)

John Harwood Asks, “Who Do You Believe, America?” – Gets Surprising Answer (Zerohedge)

CES 2017: Winners and Losers (Mashable)

LG reveals ‘wallpaper’ TV just 2.6mm thin and can be hung with MAGNETS (Daily Mail)

Toyota New Concept Car is So Friendly It Has Its Own AI Digital Assistant (Mashable)

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