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Under the Influence (EP025)

December 16, 2016

Welcome back to the last episode of The Future STIR for 2016!

In Episode 025, Ben leads us on a journey through the brave new world of online influencers and the ways in which social platforms like Instagram have turned passionistas into celebrities in their own right. It’s a fascinating conversation about the ways the social media revolution has provided brands and marketers with increasingly sophisticated ways of connecting with hyper-personalized niches never before imagined by marketers of old.

Beyond this, check out Ben’s buzz-worthy topic on the Emotion Journal, that senses your mood from the tone of your voice. Greg chimes in with a seasonally-appropriate sharing of an AI engine that can create a holiday song and lyrics based on any given image. It’s a cringeworthy example (judge for yourself!) of the fact that AI has a LOOOONG way to go.

As always, we’re grateful to be able to share The Future STIR with you and we look forward to bringing you more great content in 2017. We wish you all peace, blessings and a wonderful holiday season!!

Article Links:

The Emotion Journal performs real-time sentiment analysis on your most personal stories (TechCrunch)

It’s no Christmas No 1, but AI-generated song brings festive cheer to researchers (The Guardian)

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