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Breaking Out of the Echo Chamber (EP024)

December 09, 2016

Are we increasingly living in a world where our own beliefs and perspectives are being reinforced–and remaining unchallenged–in a social media echo chamber of our own creation? Is there a way to break out of it and create a more balanced perspective on news, world events and political commentary?

In Episode 24 of The Future STIR, Greg & Ben would argue YES! In this episode, they discuss research done by Facebook that strongly suggests that, while hyper-targeted content is a fantastic way to market products and drive sales, it also creates the information “echo chamber” we increasingly find ourselves in.

Join us for this fascinating conversation and the role the echo chamber effect may be playing in our increasingly divided society.

Article Links:

Face electrodes let you taste and chew in virtual reality (New Scientist)

Apple Confirms Interest in Autonomous Cars in Letter to NHTSA (Mac Rumors)

Blame the Echo Chamber on Facebook. But Blame Yourself Too (WIRED)

Escape the echo chamber: How to fix your News Feed (Mashable)

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