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Selfie-Centered (EP023)

December 02, 2016

Is the selfie a cultural phenomenon or is it the root of deeper, underlying currents in our culture and the ways we parent, develop self-esteem and express our individuality? Is the selfie rooted in a type of cultural narcissism? Or, to paraphrase Freud, sometimes is a selfie just a selfie?

While the term “selfie” has only officially been a part of the English language since 2013, Ben and Greg explore the many ways in which technology has intersected (initially) the Millennial generation and has propelled the selfie into a vehicle for sharing the moment and projecting an image of themselves to the world. But, its roots lie far deeper than that, and in this episode, Greg and Ben explore them in much greater depth.

So, join us in our conversation about the selfie and what it means both now and in the future.

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