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Navigating the Great Indoors (EP015)

October 07, 2016

Hello, and welcome back to The Future STIR!

This week, we’re making moves in mapping out business spaces with co-founder and CEO of Mappedin, Hongwei Liu. Based out of Waterloo, Ontario, MappedIn seeks to help indoor business create dynamic, journey-oriented experiences for their customers through the power of digital and atmospheric environments. From analytics to program advancements, MappedIn is helping businesses everywhere sell and succeed like never before.

Tune in to episode 15 as Ben and Greg sit down with Hongwei Liu to discuss tech, transformation, and the future of traffic in retail!

In this episode:

A Bit of Branding: High-End Brands and Franchises Embracing Bitmoji

Snap Them Up!: Snap Spectacles Combine Fashion with Future of Social Media

Brick-and-Mortar, Mapped: Hongwei Liu on His Business, MappedIn

More Information:

MappedIn Website

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